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Discover the power of Truman Publishing - a premier provider of cost effective marketing and publishing services. Our team of experienced professionals offers comprehensive solutions that help businesses get their message out to the public in the most efficient way possible.



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About Us

We strive to be the premier provider of book publishing and marketing services by providing our clients with the highest quality products, superior service, innovative technology, and effective marketing solutions. We are dedicated to empowering authors around the world with the tools they need to succeed in their literary pursuits.


To create a space for authors and readers to connect, discover, and explore the power of the written word


We are dedicated to helping businesses grow through our high-quality service offerings so you can be sure you're getting the best results for your money.

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Helping Authors and Readers for the better good

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Truman Publishing is a renowned book publishing and marketing company with reputed authors on our database. We provide you with the best quality services for all your need.

We are also known as online digital media company which offers the best ideas to different industries wether its for a film or TV shows.

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Improving your strategies, share your stories effectively

Years of Ezperience


Truman Publishing is a company that truly values the power of collaboration. The team’s collective expertise and knowledge has enabled them to provide the highest quality products and customer service that meets customer needs. Their commitment to their customers and their dedication to innovation makes them a leader in the publishing industry. It is no surprise that Truman Publishing continues to be a trusted name in publishing for both businesses and individual customers alike.

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Together, we're all experts

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Drive Book Value

Our innovative service offers top quality books at a fraction of the regular retail price

Reduce Operating Costs

We make book marketing and publication easier and more cost-effective.

Here at Truman Publishing We are dedicated to helping authors of all genres launch their works in the literary world.

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Making your book venture profitable


Nancy Cramer


Insook Kim Won

Some love words from authors


Duane Ose

I am the author of 2 book series! I am fascinated as to how Truman Helped with marketing and reached a good exposure for my book. Thank you Edward and Chris for being patient with me.

 I grew up about to six years of age, until World War II was over, and then Korea was liberated from Japanese occupation. I Thank you Truman Company for helping me share my story. It was a great experience! 

I am so HAPPY with Truman Publishing Company! At first, when Louie called me I was hesitant because i did not know much about them. But decided to give it a shot!